Ekiti Poly Bans Tattoos, Hair Colouring by Students

21st May 2024

The Ekiti State Polytechnic, Isan-Ekiti, has prohibited tattered jeans, rubber slippers, sagging trousers, body tattoos, and earrings for males, hair colouring and other similar practices on campus.

Also, the institution said it would not condone activities of any anti-social groups, particularly, membership of cult groups.

Any student found violating the dress code and other rules will, therefore, be sanctioned heavily while those who join anti-social groups would be promptly expelled and handed over to security agencies.

This was disclosed by the Rector of the institution, Prof. Kayode Adesodun, on Monday, during the 4th matriculation exercise for new entrants of the institution.

He said, “Wearing tattered or overly casual jeans, rubber slippers, sagging trousers, body tattoos, earrings for males, hair colouring, and other similar practices are strictly prohibited on campus and will result in serious sanctions.

“The polytechnic encourages all students to dress in accordance with accepted standards, while any inappropriate exposure of body parts will be met with strict sanctions.

“The security unit has been authorised to apprehend offenders for necessary action.”

The rector further warned fresh and returning students, saying “The polytechnic does not condone the activities of any anti-social group. Membership in cult groups is forbidden and offenders will be promptly expelled and handed over to security agencies.

“The greatest disservice you can do to us as staff and to your parents/guardians is to engage in activities that may lead to your expulsion from this Institution.

“Therefore, I urge you to resist any temptation to join clandestine groups that promote violence and deviant behaviour.

“Say no to cultism, as it is a path to self-destruction; avoid examination malpractice, and ensure prompt payment of your school fees personally and not through proxies.”

Adesodun urged the students to use social media for constructive purposes to enhance their experience in the institution.

Meanwhile, the institution has honoured six outstanding National Diploma II students in a bid to challenge the fresh students to strive to excel.

The Registrar, Gbenga Olorunsola, speaking at the matriculation ceremony, said the beneficiaries, who received the rector’s handshake along with a cash award as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication, were selected based on their exemplary conduct and academic performance across various departments.

Olorunsola said that the event underscored the institution’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and rewarding outstanding achievements among its students.