Stone Of Destiny And The Lessons For The Yorùbá Race, By Bolarinwa Oladimeji

The stone of destiny also known as the stone of scone is an ancient symbol of Scotland’s monarchy, used for centuries in the inauguration of its kings. The Scottish people saw it as a sacred object with spiritual connections to the survival of the Scottish people as a race and a nation. For 100s of years, Scottish kings were coronated with this stone of destiny before the English people invaded Scotland.

In 1296, King Edward I of England invaded Scotland seized the stone from the Scots, and had it built into a new throne at Westminster in England. The English people knew that for them to conquer and subjugate the Scots they must seize and capture the stone of destiny. The English not only stole the stone of destiny, they took it and used it to fortify themselves in order to build the British empire. From then on, it was used in the coronation ceremonies of the monarchs of England and then Great Britain.

Till date, generation after generation of Scots have continued to fight for their freedom from the English hegemony. King Charles III that was recently sworn was also initiated with the Stone of destiny. The English people understood one fundamental fact which is that for them to be on top, they must destroy the power, symbolism and spirituality of others. It is safe to say that the Scottish people are in bondage of the house of Windsor ever since the capture of the stone of destiny.

Just like the throne of power of the Yorùbá people that is in the English museum, the spiritual symbolism of the subjects of the English monarchy are deliberately captured and turned weaponized spiritually against the indigenous people.
It is safe to say that the English hegemony was built on the graveyard of conquered subjects like Scottish people. It is an irony that colored people mostly in Africa don’t realize why Scottish nationalists are fighting with their lives on how they will escape the English bondage since 1296. They had that opportunity to correct that mistake few years but settlers who now claimed to be British living in Scotland voted against the freedom of the Scots. Yorùbá people must also be wary of ethnic nationalities who live in Yorùbáland but preach Yorùbá hate to their children and uncultured Yorùbá youths. The time of political correctness is over because it is evident that the concept of one Nigeria has been turned into an instrument of political conquest against anything Yorùbá by ethnic groups mostly in the South.

While the English people and the English monarchy continue to benefit from the crimes against humanity committed by their ancestors like King Edward 1 against the Scots, the Scottish people continue to wallow in agony and despair. We must also never forget that the Scottish people are Caucasians (white), Christians and Europeans like the English yet the English subjugated them and destroyed their monarchy and civilization in order to build English hegemony. This is to tell simple minded Yorùbá people that we can be blacks with other ethnicities but that does not stop them from “chasing out” our Òbà, capturing our lands and de-Yorùbánizing our spaces.

I wish the Scottish nationalists all the best in their quest for freedom.

Think Yorùbá First