Prioritise Implementation of Police Reform Agenda, Group Tells Tinubu

Following numerous reported cases of police brutality, a group called Citizens’ Gavel has called on President Bola Tinubu to prioritise implementation of a comprehensive police reform agenda.

The group, in a statement by its Communications Associate, Rachael Adio, also condemned the recent brutalization of Lagos-based lawyer Olumide Sonubi.

The statement said the incident, which occurred on December 30, 2023, while the lawyer was seeking bail for his client at a police station in Lagos State, highlighted the urgent need for comprehensive police reform in Nigeria.

The group further stated that the incident was a clear violation of the rights of a legal practitioner, further emphasising the persistent issue of police brutality in the country.

“Despite the nationwide #EndSARS protest in 2020, acts of police brutality have not ceased, and citizens remain at risk.

“The Nigerian government’s failure to address these concerns is deeply troubling, and it is imperative that immediate action be taken to safeguard the rights and safety of Nigerians”, Nelson Olanipekun, Citizens’ Gavel’s Team Lead, emphasised.

Citizens’ Gavel, however, called on President Tinubu to prioritise and expedite the implementation of a comprehensive police reform agenda.

“The organisation emphasises the need for accountability, transparency, and the establishment of effective mechanisms to address police misconduct and brutality.

“The incident involving Mr Sonubi further underscores the urgency of reforming the Nigerian Police to ensure that acts of police brutality are prevented.

“Citizens’ Gavel urges President Tinubu to take swift action to address this issue and implement tangible reforms that will restore public confidence in the police force.

“Citizens’ Gavel remains committed to advocating for justice, human rights, and the overall well-being of all Nigerians.

“The organisation will continue to monitor developments related to this incident and actively engage in efforts to bring about positive change in the Nigerian criminal justice system”, the statement added.