Ondo PDP Gov Aspirant Rejects Consensus Arrangement

A Peoples Democratic Party governorship aspirant in Ondo State, Bamidele Akingboye, has rejected the consensus arrangement proposed ahead of the party’s April 25, 2024 primary election.

Akingboye, among eight contenders, asserted his determination to secure victory in the forthcoming governorship race, dismissing the feasibility of the suggested consensus approach during discussions with party leaders.

Akingboye declared that he was in the governorship race to win the next governorship election in the state.

As the PDP has slated its primary for April 25, 2024, ahead of the November governorship election, Akingboye and seven other aspirants would be slugging it out to grab the ticket of the main opposition party in the state.

Speaking at the state party secretariat in Alagbaka, Akure, after his official declaration and presentation of his intent form to the leaders of the party on Tuesday, Akingboye disclosed that none of the aspirants opted for the consensus mode of primary as advocated by the leaders of the party.

According to him, the leaders of the party, at a meeting with the aspirants, suggested a consensus mode, but none of them was ready to step down, making the proposed arrangement fail.

He said, “It was suggested by the leaders and elders of the party that since the party has decided to zone to the Southern Senatorial District, and nine of us have indicated interest in the same election, they suggested that we should go back home and discuss with one another and see if we can prune the number of aspirants.

“We have tried it but sincerely, I don’t think that it is going to work out because every one of us believes that he is the best person to do the job. The truth is that if you are not tested or trusted, I don’t think that Ondo State is ready to entrust the mantle to someone who will not be able to carry the load at this particular time. So, by implication, the consensus advocated by the leadership of the party has failed.”

On his governorship aspiration, the PDP aspirant explained that he was not just seeking political power for the sake of power, but as a servant-leader committed to the uplift and empowerment of every citizen of the state.

“I do not seek political power for the lure of the office, self-aggrandisement or pecuniary gains of myself or family members but to create a new vista, broaden the state’s economic base, cut cost of governance, prioritise the welfare of the people, target rampant poverty and make the state safe, sane and secure for all its law abiding residents of the state,” Akingboye stated .

He thanked party leaders, his supporters and the people of the state for their support pledging to lead the state, if elected, with integrity, compassion, and a steadfast commitment to the welfare of the people.

He also emphasised his belief in the power of unity and collaboration to drive meaningful change and development in the state.

In his remark, the state Acting Chairman of the PDP, Mr Tola Alabere, said the diverse assembly of party faithful, community leaders, students and supporters at the event, indicated the party’s commitment to democracy and fair play.

He assured all that Akingboye and other aspirants would have a level playfield in the forthcoming primary.

Alabere also called for unity and cohesion within the party to achieve its collective goal.