Gunmen Abduct Farm Manager in Ogun

Masked gunmen reportedly invaded the Idowa community in Odogbolu Local Government area of Ogun State on Monday afternoon.

They kidnapped the farm manager at Flourishing Poultry Farm, Tunde Osifowokan.

Osifowokan is said to be the younger brother of the owner of the poultry farm.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged about an incident involving a member of the Hausa community in the town.

According to sources, Isiaka Aileru, who went to his farm on Monday, has not been seen since.

There are fears that he may have been abducted by the same gunmen.

The gunmen were said to have arrived at the farm in a commando style.

They were said to have demanded for the owner of the business, who had travelled, but was expected to return that day

When none of the workers would talk out of fear, Osifowokan was said to have stood up to say the owner of the farm was not around.

The hoodlums had reportedly told him to identify himself and he said that he was the younger brother of the owner of the farm.

Speaking with PUNCH Online on Wednesday, the Sobaloju of Idowa, Chief Yusuf Olusanya, confirmed the incident.

Olusanya said, “Yes, the incident is true. The hoodlums, according to what I heard, came wearing masks and shooting sporadically.

“They demanded the owner of the poultry farm, but since none of the workers was actually the owner, they kept quiet.

“However, one of them stood up and when the hoodlums asked him to identify himself he said he is the younger brother to the owner of the farm. That was how they went away with him.

“While trying to escape, they shot at one driver in the neck. They riddled his vehicle, which he uses to carry blocks, with bullets

“The thinking is that this same gang might have been responsible for this missing Mallam Isiaka Aileru

“The police at Idowa, Odogbolu and even the Area Commander from Ijebu-Ode have all been here, but as we speak, we have not heard anything as touching a demand for ransom by these abductors.”

The Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, confirmed the abduction of the poultry farm manager, saying that the police were deploying all their arsenal and intelligence to ensure that the victim regained freedom

Alamutu said, “There was actually a kidnap, but only one person is involved and not two; if they are looking for another person, it may not be a kidnap.

“If the person has not returned home, they should give us another 24 hours before they will go and make an official complaint.”