‘No Dey Gree for Anybody’ Slogan Can Cause Crisis, Police Warn

The Nigeria Police Force has cautioned young Nigerians against adopting the trending 2024 slogan “No go gree for anybody.”

The Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, issued the warning during the parade of 67 suspects for various crimes at the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

Adejobi in a viral video on Thursday revealed that the slogan, intended to convey a commitment to one’s convictions, has the potential to incite mayhem and violence nationwide.

Adejobi stressed that despite its origin in a gospel song titled ‘I No Go Gree’ by Sister Agatha Moses, the slogan was not a harmless phrase, but a potentially dangerous one.

He said, “Let me say it again on this note that the new slogan for 2024 for our young ones is “No Dey Gree for Anybody” and we have been informed from our intelligence that this slogan is coming from a revolutionary sector that may likely cause problem across the country.

“No Dey Gree For Anybody is being seen as just normal talk, but in the security business, in the security community we have seen it as a very very dangerous slogan that can trigger crisis”