NIPOST Seals 5 Courier Offices in Edo

The Nigeria Postal Service, at the weekend, sealed off the offices of no fewer than five courier and logistics operators for operating without registration and licence in Edo State.

The agency also impounded eight courier and logistic delivery motorcycles during the clampdown.

NIPOST General Manager, Courier, Logistic and Regulatory Department, Shonde Gideon, told journalists that the exercise was to sanitise the postal market space to get rid of quacks and those operating unprofessionally.

He said: “The industry has been infiltrated by many unlicensed and illegal operators who engage in all kinds of nefarious and unethical activities. It is a crime against the state to operate in a space that is regulated without registration and licence. This clampdown is in line with the statutory provision of Section 43(1) (2) and (3), NIPOST ACT, Cap127, LFN 2004, and Regulatory Operational Guide 2023.

“The exercise is to sanitise the postal market and ensure that any private investors into postal, courier and logistic business obtain a license from the Federal Government.”