Gen. Irabor retires from Service

Former Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor, has retired from his position in the Nigerian Armed Forces after the appointment of new Service Chiefs. The retirement ceremony took place at Mogadishu Cantonment, also known as Abacha Barracks, in Abuja on Friday.

On June 23, General Irabor handed over command of the Armed Forces of Nigeria to the new Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Christopher Musa.

During the ceremony, General Irabor expressed his confidence in his successor, describing him as a reputable officer and role model for the Armed Forces. He emphasized the importance of upholding the military’s values and professional standards and commended the achievements made thus far, believing that the armed forces were well-prepared to accomplish their objectives.General Irabor expressed his gratitude to the President for appointing Major General Musa as his successor, urging him to double his efforts in maintaining the cherished values and professional standards of the military.

In his inaugural address, Major General Musa reiterated the military’s commitment to pursuing terrorists, bandits, and other criminals with full force. He assured the nation that under his leadership, the military would spare no effort in ensuring the security of Nigeria.

Major General Musa promised to uphold peace and tranquility in the country, emphasizing the professionalism and dedication of the armed forces. He made it clear that anyone who doubted their determination to bring peace to Nigeria would face the consequences, as the military would take decisive action against criminals, bandits, and terrorists.

The safety and security of the citizens would be safeguarded with the full force of the Nigerian armed forces.Major General Musa also pledged to prioritize the welfare of military personnel, recognizing that their well-being is crucial for optimal performance. He emphasized that well-fed and well-cared-for personnel would give their best in service to the nation.