60 Reps Members Sponsor Bill to Return Nigeria to Parliamentary System

In what is believed to be a fundamental move to restructure the country, 60 members of the House of Representatives have sponsored a bill to return the country to parliamentary rule.

The legislators from all parts of the country addressed the press in Abuja Tuesday to present their case.

According to Abdulsamaad Dasuki, their leader, the legislators have come to the conclusion that the present system was too expensive to run in view of the realities of the country.

He said further that the parliamentary system would save cost, reduce cost of governance and bring the government nearer to the people.

Dasuki said that while the new system might not take effect from 2027, it would definitely be perfected by 2031.

According to him,while the country had practised presidential system, it had proved that instead of development, it had turned the president of Nigeria to be one of the most powerful in the world.

”We don’t want a president like a military leader which the present 1999 Constitution has turned out to be”, the lawmaker said.

Speaking further, Dasuki said the group of 60 would take their campaign and support for the new system to all the state governors and states Houses of Assembly.

Hon Abdulasamaad Dasuki,Leaders of the G60

For now, he said, the bill has passed through the first reading, adding that the group would go round the country to sensitize citizens and interest groups before the commencement of the second reading.