State Govts to Generate Electricity – Minister of Power

Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, has said that state governments would now be allowed to generate electricity independently to supply power to their states.

He said that over N50bn has been designated in the 2024 budget to build mini grids to supply power to remote areas.

In a video shared by TVC, Adelabu said: “It is either we look for money at all cost to fund the subsidy because of the situation of the country and what people are passing through or we bite the bullet and everybody understands that, okay, let’s bring the roof down first, let’s reflect everything on market commercial basis, then we start a rebuilding because it is postponing the evil days if we continue anyway.

“So, I am not calling for removal of subsidy, for before they misquote me. But it is a decision for the entire country to make.

“These are assets that we spend the country’s money on, and our brothers, part of us at all cost deliberately sabotage it. So you can see that some people are hiding somewhere that do not want this sector to work.”

Adelabu further explained the frequent collapse of the grid, which has occurred about six times between December 2023, and February 2024, is caused by many factors, including shortage of gas, old and obsolete machines in the grid value chain, low capacity of evacuated generated power and destruction of power station in some part of the North-East geo political zone of the country.

Source: X | tvcnewsng