Yorùbá Nation: Group Restates Support for Development, Frowns at Terrorism, Violence

Think Yorùbá First Organization, a Yorùbá Sociocultural Organization has reaffirmed her support for the socio-cultural development of the Yorùbá Nation and Nigeria, devoid of any act of terrorism.

In a statement signed by the management of the group and made available to The Yoruba Times today, TYF declared: “We hereby reiterate our commitment to the socio-cultural development of the Yorùbá Nation with zero tolerance for any acts of terrorism to the Yorùbá Nation of Nigeria and beyond.

“We hereby condemn without reservation, the violence meted against Yorùbáland and Nigeria on April 13th, 2024 by some unknown gunmen who used the facade of the Yorùbá self determination movements of many good willed groups to wage a war against Yorùbáland.

“We implore the Federal Government of Nigeria to investigate fully the culprits behind the attack and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.”

Think Yorùbá First Organization stated that she remained committed to the demands of good governance in Yorùbáland, Nigeria, and believed firmly that a restructured Nigeria via true federalism would usher in the equity, justice and fairness that all inhabitants of the Nigeria space deserved.

“We continue to advocate full participation in Nigeria electoral process and diplomatic negotiations with the stakeholders of Nigeria to engender the best arrangement for Nigeria as agreed by the founding fathers of the nation”, the group concluded.