Women’s W/cup: Each Super Falcons’ Player to Earn N46m For Reaching Round of 16

Nigeria’s Super Falcons are set to earn a massive pay after securing a place in the second round of the Women’s World Cup.

Stars of Nigeria’s Super Falcons will have even more reason to celebrate their qualification for the Round of 16 of the Women’s World Cup, apart from doing their country proud as they have now earned a massive pay as well.

Super Falcons qualify for Round of 16
For reaching the second round and being ranked between 9th to 16th, the Super Falcons are guaranteed at least $1,380,00 in prize money to be shared amongst the players, a figure that could rise depending on their progress in the competition.

The money promised to teams that reach the round of 16 by FIFA will amount to $60,000 per player when divided amongst the 23 Super Falcons squad members.

This comes to double the amount that the players were set to receive for playing in the group stages alone and will certainly serve as extra motivation for the Super Falcons to go even further.

Super Falcons eyeing huge pay

As they progress, the Super Falcons will enjoy larger financial rewards, and will see their earnings rise by another $30,000 to become $90,000 if they are able to scale past their round of 16 opponents.

If they go all the way to win the competition, each player on the Super Falcons’ team will receive up to $270,000 in prize money, the largest payout in Women’s World Cup history.

The Super Falcons still have a long way to go to reach the pay, but they will be quietly confident after pulling off major surprises already in the group stage.