We’ve Paid Super Falcons Allowances -NFF

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) said all match bonuses and allowances of the Super Falcons had been paid.

NFF said this while meeting the House of Representatives ad-hoc committee on dispute between Super Falcons and NFF met last week Friday.

The NFF President, Ibrahim Gusau made this known on Thursday in Abuja while appearing before the House ad-hoc committee after being summoned.

When the Blessing Onu led ad-hoc committee further made inquiries regarding unpaid allowances for the Super Falcons in 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Gusau explained that no funding was released for participation, but revealed that in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup hosted by Australia and New Zealand $960,000 were given to all 32 countries that qualified.

According to him, this preparation money provided by FIFA was to be used by this countries to prepare the teams for the world cup.

“We can’t use this money to pay outstanding allowances for 2019 FIFA Women’s World orld Cup”, he said.

Earlier, Chairperson of the House ad-hoc committee, Hon. Blessing Onu questioned how the NFF was able to fund the Super Falcons in the 2019 FIFA women’s world cup hosted by France.

Hon. Onu who was not satisfied with the NFF response, further ruled that the document of how the Super Falcons were funded in the 2019 FIFA women’s world cup, the breakdown of match bonuses payments and its slips for 23 players and the coaching crew be provided by NFF before 30th August, 2023.

Going by the ad-hoc Committee’s findings on how the NFF was being funded, the NFF President revealed that they usually got funded by CAF and FIFA.

Speaking further, the NFF noted that no payment was being gotten from the federal government for its staff and officials rather the federation gets its operational cost from FIFA.

“The Confederation of African Football (CAF) provides $250,000 per annum as subvention fund”, said the NFF President.