‘We’re Part, Parcel of South-West Region’,Lagos Indigenes Declare

June 5, 2024

In apparent response to the recent statement by De Renaissance Patriots Foundation, the Awori Heritage of North America has issued a strong rebuttal.

Reacting to a publication of June 2, 2024 by DRPF on the status of the people of Lagos State, the foreign-based Awori group categorically distanced itself from the foundation’s claims of representing Lagos indigenes regarding the proposed bill to reinstate regional governance in Nigeria.

The Awori Heritage of North America clarified that along with the true indigenes and land owners of Lagos, it did not recognize De Renaissance Patriots Foundation as its spokesperson.

The Awori descendants, who incidentally are the real indigenous people of the present area known as Lagos emphasized that any assertion by the foundation did not reflect the views of Lagos’ authentic stakeholders.

“It is imperative to highlight that if regionalism were ever to be reinstated, Lagos State, represented by the Aworis and its land owners, would firmly align with the South-West region. We are Yoruba, intrinsically connected to the South-West, and we reject any attempts to segregate us from our cultural and historical roots,” the group stated.

The Awori Heritage of North America urged De Renaissance Patriots Foundation to cease its misrepresentation and respect the genuine voices of Lagos indigenes.

The Awori descendants stressed that any decisions regarding regional governance should be made with proper consultation with the rightful stakeholders, ensuring that the heritage and unity of Lagos within the Yoruba community were preserved.

“This rebuttal underscores the unwavering stance of the Awori Heritage of North America and Lagos indigenes; they are, and will always be an integral part of the South-West region”, the group declared.