Uber Robbery Syndicate Busted, Tactics Unveiled – NPF

Nigeria Police Force have uncovered a new method employed by robbers to steal vehicles from Uber drivers. Fortunately, the police managed to apprehend one of the syndicates involved in these tactics and arrested four individuals, including a female suspect. Additionally, they successfully recovered the stolen car belonging to the victimized Uber driver. The Zone 2 Police Command, located in Onikan and covering Lagos and Ogun States, was responsible for cracking down on this syndicate.

The Zonal Police Public Relations Officer, SP Hauwa Idris Adamu, provided a detailed account of the robbers’ modus operandi and the circumstances surrounding their arrest. According to SP Adamu, on May 8, 2023, a petitioner named Akolawole Omowunmi, who operated an Uber service using a 2009 Silver Toyota Camry Saloon car with the registration number BDG 80 HU, received a call from the main suspect, Adams.

Adams requested a ride from Lekki phase 1 at Presken Hotel. When the petitioner arrived, Adams instructed him to cancel the ride and instead offer an offline trip. Adams claimed he needed the petitioner’s services for three days, and the petitioner agreed, unknowingly falling into the trap.

“On same day about 8 pm , Mr. Adams called the petitioner to drive him and his girlfriend to a supermarket in Lekki, and the suspect intentionally left his phone in the car and requested all three of them; the Uber driver, the suspect and his girlfriend to go into the mall to shop.

“While at the Mall the suspect deceived the petitioner and collected the car key from him claiming he wanted to take his phone from the car with the above mentioned description.

“When the petitioner waited a while and did not see the suspect return to the mall, he went out of the mall and realized that his car has been removed from where it was parked.

“The petitioner saw the suspect driving the car on the other side of the road on high speed but could not do anything to stop him as he watched the suspect drove his car off.

“Detectives from Zonal X-Squad Section swung into action while the phone number was tracked and the suspect was identified to be Adams Michael Onoriode with his locations around Edo and Delta state respectively.

“On May 24, detectives from the Zonal X-Squad moved to Edo/Delta states where the principal suspect and three other suspects were arrested with exhibits and brought to Zonal Headquarters. Investigation is ongoing and suspects will soon be charged to Court”.