Urgent and Important Message to Yoruba People All over the World


We speak to you again, children of Oduduwa. Please listen. This is one of the most difficult moments in our history. For the wise, we need no other evidence that war is on our doorsteps.

Our forests are littered with armed Fulani groups. Boko Haram are here. Our streets are filled with terrorist cells.

The three Obas killed in one week is just symptoms of more brutal occurrences to come.

It could not have happened by chance. The plot was deliberate. It does not matter that one or two Yoruba may have worked for them.

Terrorists use anyone for money to achieve their plot. When they do, it does not eliminate the fact that they are terrorists or that they want to launch JIHAD in Yorubaland. Deep deeply.

A total of five traditional rulers have now been killed in Yorubaland by Fulani terrorists. But apart from Obas, daily, ordinary people are killed by Fulani and Boko Haram terrorists on Yorubaland. Our farmlands are abandoned. The impact is serious food crisis. Are we charmed that we can no longer think? Can Yoruba groups go to Sokoto, Kano or Katsina to live in their bushes and kill their Emirs, even if they used local informants? Can Yoruba groups go to Imo or Anambra, kidnap and kill their Obi? What is happening in Yorubaland? The killing armed invasion of Yoruba forests is the greatest assault Yoruba have seen since the 1804 Jihad.


We warn Yoruba people, the war is here. Since 2009 when Apapo O’odua Koya, (AOKOYA) was formed, we have warned consistently of the inevitable war coming to Yorubaland. Recall that in 2015, we released the over 1000 cells of armed Fulani cells across Yorubaland. The situation became worse under Buhari because, using google mapping and grid references, we discovered over 1,500 small cells of armed Fulani groups are currently in Yorubaland. This is apart from Boko Haram.


From purely military perspective, Ekiti, Ondo and Kogi states are the Yoruba frontier forest states. Any terrorist group that has dominion in the forest of the three states will easily encircle Yoruubaland. The three states plus Oyo state are the best for terrorists in terms of reinforcement, encampment, reconnaissance and building a fortified base. The fact is that the Fulani terrorists have succeeded in occupying the three states from where they now operate across Yorubaland. The kidnapping is basically to raise funds for the Fulani to buy more weapons and prepare to attack Yorubaland. The arrest of a few Yoruba is a diversion. Do not fall for it. The real Fulani agenda of conquest remains unchanged.


Yorubaland is now home to the worst set of politicians and custodians of traditional institutions. How many State Governors visited Oyo State after the bomb explosion right in elite residential areas? How many Senators or House of Reps visited? It is about one month, no one has been arrested. After the killing of three Yoruba Obas, no single Oba has visited the communities. We thought the Obas would have called a joint press conference. Yoruba Governors have not visited. Infact, no Yoruba state governor issued statements or even visited Kogi or Ekiti States. After the bombing of Owo, in Ondo State, no one has been arrested? You can see clearly that we are led by the worst set of human beings who are ready to trade off Yoruba people for personal profit. They know the system will collapse. Most of their wives and children are abroad. They are ready to flee at the slightest notice. These crooks have no plan for Yoruba Nation. Organise. Let us help ourselves. Time is running out.


We caution the police not to politicise the killings of the Obas. We wont be surprised if they arrest some Fulani and Yoruba people to give false impression that it is not solely Fulani attacks. This is sabotage and political manipulation. From our findings, Fulani terrorists may use any ignorant one that is not sure of their mission as informants. They may use corrupt Yoruba people to achieve their aims. Late dictator Abacha used some Yoruba against June 12 and late MKO Abiola. Even Boko Haram may use unsuspecting Christians as informants, this does not eliminate the Boko Haram agenda of Sharia. If you say a few Yoruba have been arrested, so it is Yoruba that are kidnapping and that have occupied our forests, are Yoruba people also responsible for the invasion of Kaduna and the mass killings, the killings in the North-East, the bombing and massacre in the Plateau? Are Yoruba responsible for the killings in the South-East and the thousands of IPOB trained and ready for war?
In the same way, even if any Yoruba person was genuinely used as informant, this does not in any way annul the real danger of Fulani Jihad which is already here on our land. We are aware that the security operatives are desperate to delude many Yoruba people fuelling the wrong impression that the killings and kidnapping ‘goes beyond ethnic lines’ which will further make the Yoruba to relax and live in fools’ paradise while the real motive of Jihad is concealed.

The attacks at Ikoro, Ipao, Oke Ako, Irele is an attack on Yorubaland. All of us must rise up in defence of these communities. We must visit them and assist them. Attack on one is an attack on all. Threat to security anywhere in Yorubaland is threat to Stability of Oduduwa territories up to Kogi, Itsekiri and Akoko Edo.


We call on all Yoruba people to be vigilant. In Lagos, Ibadan and all our cities and towns, the terrorists are here. In the nights when we go to sleep, watch, they are the one that take over in the night. They pose as Okada riders, Korope drivers in Lagos. They sleep under our bridges, have occupied our forests and are only waiting for the blow of whistle to attack Yorubaland. While the FG is happy to fund Tompolo with N4b yearly for pipeline protection, Asari Dokubo with billions to protect Kaduna-Abuja highway, President Tinubu recently donated N52billion from Federal purse to the North at the Northern Youth Coalition summit, the FG has helped these groups to indirectly buy arms and prepare themselves leaving Yorubaland naked like a hopeless old woman, raped and abandoned.

Pipelines in Yorubaland are even protected by Tompolo. How irresponsible can Yoruba politicians be? They have left their flank vulnerable while busy eating and drinking in a party while the ship sinks. Let us organise. Let us prepare and mobilise. The war is coming. The Government of Tinubu will not achieve anything, except for individuals to be richer. There are too many bombs on the way for him to walk. They have hoarded dollars and stolen billions which they will use to destabilise and create enough confusion until the drumbeats of violence comes in full force. The only way to get peace is to prepare for WAR. Few words are enough for the wise.