South-West Directors of Veterinary Services Confirm Outbreak of 2 TADs

The conference of South-West Directors of Veterinary Services has confirmed the outbreak of two Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) in the region namely the African swine fever in pigs and anthrax in herbivores.

A release signed by the Chairman of the conference, Dr. Taiwo Jolaoso stated that TADs were contagious epidemic diseases of livestock that had the potential to spread rapidly across the globe with negative socio-economic and public health consequences, and require collaboration of different countries to curtail.

The statement further said that all affected farms and slaughter slabs had been decontaminated and disinfected while modalities relating to issuance of movement permit in the region were being worked out.

The release added that public awareness would be intensified among high risk groups such as butchers, hunters, animal product processors and marketers, as well as livestock farmers to further check the spread.

The conference advised all the pig farmers to improve on their biosecurity measures and refrain from stocking their farms and for the anthrax, they implored all stakeholders to avoid contact with sick or dead animals, especially if it oozed blood from the orifices while such cases should be reported to the nearest veterinary