Saudi Arabia Officially Joins BRICS Alliance

Following the expansion invitations offered during the 2023 annual summit, Saudi Arabia is officially set to join the BRICS alliance.

Indeed, South Africa’s Foreign Minister, Naledi Pandor, has confirmed that Saudi Arabia and the four other expansion countries have been officially included.

Early in 2024, some concerns began to arise regarding Saudi Arabia’s place in the Alliance.

The country said it had not yet accepted the invitation and was still considering the geo-political implications of the alignment.

However, Pandor revealed in a news conference on Wednesday that the country had since confirmed the invitation.

Throughout 2023, one of the most important geo-political developments was the expansion of the BRICS alliance.

During its 2023 annual summit, it announced its first expansion effort since 2001, when it introduced South Africa.

Specifically, the alliance had invited six different countries from across the globe.

Since those invitations were granted, Argentina had declined amid a regime change.

Moreover, questions had begun to surface about Saudi Arabia’s intentions to join.

The country’s insistence that it was still considering joining in 2024 led many to worry that a rejection was possible.

However, that is proven not to be the case, as Saudi Arabia has officially joined the BRICS alliance.

Specifically, South Africa’s Foreign Minister, Naledi Pandor, confirmed the five other invitees had accepted.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia would be joining the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Ethiopia, and Iran in the alliance.