Press Release, By Think Yoruba First


Dear sir,

On behalf of the entire membership of Think Yoruba First worldwide, we want to use this medium to congratulate His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on his success at the presidential polls to emerge as the president elect at the just concluded elections.

We understand that the president-elect fought against all odds to emerge victorious despite the barrage of attacks, hate, propaganda, and toxicity that was directed towards him.

As Yoruba conservatives, we wish him success in his endeavours as the president of Nigeria. Furthermore, we will like to admonish the president about the need to entrench true federalism (devolution of power) in Nigeria because Nigeria is a heterogeneous country made up of people with different identities, cultures, and value systems. Therefore, proper economic and political rearrangement of the country will be one of the panaceas to the myriad problems plaguing Nigeria as a whole.

Once again, we congratulate Chief Bola Tinubu on his success as President of Nigeria.

May Olodumare continue to be with him and his family and give him the strength, wisdom, and good health that he needs to solve the problems of the Nigerian state.

Yours sincerely,
Think Yoruba First organization world-wide.