‘Self-Acclaimed’ Yoruba Nation Activists Invade FG owned Radio Station In Ibadan

A group of confused Yoruba Nation activists seized a Federal Government Radio station in Ibadan and took control of the radio in advance of President-Elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s inauguration.
According to our sources, the intruders assaulted the federal government-owned radio station with a broadcast declaring the Yoruba a sovereign state.
When the employees were being kept hostage, they grabbed control of the strategic equipment, according to a station official.
“They arrived and occupied the station. They wore ornaments. If they were armed is unknown. A middle-aged man was in charge of them,” said the man.
The Fedeal government is the owner of the radio station Amuludun 99.1FM.

We were taken back. They arrived at around six in the morning. It was taken over by them. Its leader claimed that the invasion was just the start. A station employee informed our correspondence that he promised the group would shake Nigeria till it was divided.

The station’s general manager, Mr. Stephen Agbaje, also acknowledged the invasion.

According to him, they have been arrested.

Three persons have been detained, a police spokesman told our correspondent.