‘Power, water sectors crucial to economic growth’

Vertex Next, a subsidiary of Vertex Group, has announced its plans to host this year’s editions of ‘Power & Water Nigeria’ and ‘IoT West Africa’ in Nigeria next month, as a conference and exhibition platform.

In a statement released by the company, it highlighted that the African economy has successfully overcome various challenges in the power, water, and technological sectors over the past few decades, leveraging its infrastructure capabilities effectively.

The statement emphasized that the African continent, with a gross domestic product of $1 trillion in 2022, had been striving, with government support, to foster advancements in these crucial sectors.

According to the statement, Power & Water Nigeria and IoT West Africa Exhibition & Conference, along with other businesses, had contributed significantly through their offerings and innovations, adding that ss Africa continued to undergo rapid economic growth and technological transformation, these events will serve as catalysts for innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development.

The statement further noted that Nigeria had been continuously evolving and driving growth in the power and water sector.

It mentioned that Nigeria had been tackling power and water-related challenges with the aid of expanding technology, industries, and government support.

“Recent developments in the field such as hydropower technology, solar energy systems, hydro-electric storage facilities and others, has improved the situation of the power and water sector. The Nigerian government has launched programs to recover and transform the power and water sector, encouraging a more sustainable environment for all.

“Building on these programs, Power & Water Nigeria Exhibition & Conference is going to unfold growing technologies for the power utility sector. The event is going to incorporate discussions and seminars with industry leaders, workshops, and networking events, where reputed speakers, businesses, and advisory members of councils will represent their businesses and opportunities for the future of the power and water sector.

With the growing emphasis on sustainability. The event will contribute to the growth of the Nigerian power utility sector, benefiting the stakeholders as well”, it stated.

Commenting on the announcement of IoT West Africa and Power & Water Nigeria, Mr. Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi expressed his views, saying, “By embracing the IoT, West Africa leads the way towards a connected future that harmonizes tradition and innovation, resulting in job opportunities, community empowerment, and a path to prosperity for the entire sub-region.

These events, featuring cutting-edge technology and engaging discussions, will serve as a valuable platform for shaping the future of power generation, distribution, storage, and resource management. With keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking sessions, businesses will have the opportunity to collaborate and form partnerships, driving digital transformation throughout the continent.”