Police Killing Me After 35 Years of Service

May 18, 2024

Friday Ibadin dedicated 35 years of his life to serving Nigeria, rising through the ranks to become Commissioner of Police in the Nigeria Police Force.

But he retired five years ago, expecting to enjoy his well-deserved rest and the fruits of his labour, only to discover that his retirement has been a nightmare, following his inability to receive his gratuity and pension.

Ibadin had always been proud of his career and the impact he made, especially in the onslaught against pipeline vandals.

But now, his self-esteem has taken a hit and his frustration is turning into despair, as he struggles to make sense of his situation, wondering if it is a punishment for his dedication and hard work.

Feeling betrayed and abandoned by the system he served faithfully for so long, Ibadin, lamented that he had written countless letters, made numerous phone calls, and visited Abuja 30 times since retirement, to get his entitlements.

But as days turned into weeks, the deafening silence and seeming inaction have demoralised him.

Lamenting, he said: “They are killing me! The Police have not paid me since I retired. No pension, no gratuity. They said my file was missing. I was not even paid my N5 million disengagement money that I could have settled down with.

“As a retired Police Commissioner, my pension is not more than N70,000. Is that money? Even giving me the money is a problem. Let them give me the pension and gratuity, it’s a problem.

“The most shocking aspect is that those at the Pension Office are saying they cannot see my money, despite being captured and all requirements complied with.”

Continuing, he explained ”I submitted my retirement letter on July 2, 2018. The letter was replied to five years later, on April 12, 2023. I’m begging the Inspector-General of Police to intervene. Let them give me my entitlement. This is not a fair treatment to someone who served this country meritoriously. The police pension office and their modus are gradually affecting my health and standard of living.

“I met one Aliu Mustapha at the pension office who has not also been paid after 35 years of meritorious service, he has travelled from his village to Abuja several times.

“I am entitled to a gardener, an orderly, and a cook. But I have none and they are not paying for it. They are killing officers and collecting their money. Please, this thing should stop.

“They will ask you to come. You’ll travel to Abuja, then they will tell you one of the officers in- charge travelled for a burial. What’s going on for goodness’ sake?

“I met the Head of the Benefits department. He said they couldn’t find my resettlement money. I have visited Abuja over 30 times, and you say the money can’t be traced. I have dependents and I must take care of my health”.

Ibadin is, however, not alone in this predicament, as some senior Police officers lamented that they were suffering the same fate.

Some of them who retired as commissioners stated that after decades of service, they expected a dignified exit, not a frustrating ordeal.

The CPs who spoke on condition of anonymity, said, “ This is a bitter pill to swallow, knowing that our family’s well-being is at stake due to negligence of those responsible”.

While noting that the pain of unpaid pension and gratuity was not just financial, but emotional and psychological as well, they maintained that it was their rightful entitlement and not a privilege bestowed on them.

Source: Vanguard