PGA Rates Acropolis Golf Course High

The Professional Golfers’ Association of Nigeria has said that the Acropolis golf course, which will be launched in Okija, Anambra State, on April 6 will help groom more professional golfers in the country.

Operations Director of PGA Nigeria, Uchenna Ezebuiro, is excited about the prospect of the game spreading to a new location, where he believes youngsters will be allowed to embrace the money-making side of the game.

“Nigeria is one of the few African countries where youngsters can aspire to take up golf as a career, and with dedication make some decent income to live above the average populace, and even beyond,” Ezebuiro said.

“Nigerians are naturally athletic, passionate, and goal-oriented. Part of the reasons that the PGA of Nigeria is supporting this project is the potential it has in helping scale the number of youngsters that are exposed to the potential of taking up the game professionally”, he said.

Communications Manager, Acropolis Golf and Resort, Pamela Osanakpo, added, “Our relationship is a strategic alliance that will benefit the game of golf, the community, and the country. Top professionals in the country are also taking part in the opening 18-hole event.”

Acting Facility Manager, Acropolis Golf and Resort, Obioma Ogakwu, added that the tourism potential of Anambra State would be enhanced by the launch.

“We want to contribute to the footfalls that golf is attracting to Nigeria. That is why we have built this world-class facility here, and with this launch on Saturday, April 6th, 2024, the journey has started,” she added.

Current Nigeria number one, Francis Epe of Ikoyi Club 1938 golf section, former order of merit leaders Oche Odoh, Mike Ubi, Gift Willy, and Olapade Sunday have also been listed to showcase their skills at the one-day event.