Ohanaeze Youth Wing Berates Iwuanyanwu’s Attack Over it’s Support for Tinubu

The youth wing of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo has accused Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, president-general of Ohanaeze him of selfishly fighting against Tinubu.

The accusation was a reaction to a statement issued by Alex Ogbonna, the National Publicity Secretary of the Iwuanyanwu-led Ohanaeze, criticizing the youth wing.

The Ohanaeze group, which represents the Igbo community, has broken into two factions, a matter that is currently a subject of litigation.

In a statement released in Enugu, Okwu, a member of the youth wing, expressed his disagreement with certain leaders of the Igbo group, claiming that they were opposed to him because he refused to comply with their self-serving agenda.

He found it amusing that Chief Iwuanyanwu, who was not elected by by anyone, was the one attempting to direct others.

Okwu’s only “crime,” according to him, was offering congratulations to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and expressing his support for Tinubu’s appointment a service chief of Igbo extraction from Enugu State.

He said, rather than allow the court to adjudicate on the Ohanaeze crisis and give judgement one way or the other, “Alex Ogbonna, an errand boy and serial betrayer, had now allowed himself to be used by Chief Iwuanyanwu to issue frivolous press statements against us.”

He said, “the truth of the matter remains that trouble started when we congratulated President Bola Tinubu; all hell was let loose. They said we have committed abomination, that Igbo son, Peter Obi was in court to reclaim his mandate.

“But we made them understand that unless the court says otherwise, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is now the President of Nigeria. It behoves every citizen of the country to work with him, in order to move the country forward. If tomorrow, the court declares Peter Obi winner, we will also rally round him. That’s our stand; but they were not happy with that, they called for our heads.

“As if that was not enough, an illustrious Igbo son, Rear Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla was appointed Chief of Naval Staff and we commended President Tinubu for that appointment.

“They are calling for our head again; they first said Ogalla is not from Igbo speaking part of the South-East and all manner of things. We find this very offensive. He is a bonafide son of Igboland, from Umuopu, in Enugu-Ezike, Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State. Who is more Igbo than him?

“What is obvious is that once it is not someone from among them, they cannot appreciate any good thing coming from Igboland.

“Ndigbo cried for eight years under Buhari, that we are not represented in the Security Council, but nobody listened to us. But Tinubu decided to balance the service chiefs’ appointment, yet these people are not happy, probably because the person is not someone they recommended.

“Even if they don’t like Tinubu and hate him with such passion, why not congratulate the Igbo son, Rear Admiral Ogalla?

“This is the height of sectional and selfish politics and we will never be part of it.

“May we ask: where was Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu all the while Igbo youths were being mowed down on daily basis? His country home, Imo became a theatre of the absurd where countless number of Igbo youths have been brutally murdered; he has never uttered a word.

“Suddenly, he has regained his voice simply because Igbo youths congratulated Tinubu and thanked him for appointing someone from Enugu State as one of the service chiefs.

“Is Enugu not part of Igboland? Is Enugu Ezike not part of Igboland? What exactly does Chief Iwuanyanwu and his pay masters want?

“He is giving full backing to Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State, but waging a selfish war against President Tinubu, Uzodinma’s boss and father of the nation”, he said.

Okwu said the group would instead “expose Chief Iwuanyanwu and his collaborators, who are pretentiously working against the collective interest of Ndigbo, adding, “We are happy they said the matter is before the court; so let them allow the court to decide who is authentic and who is not.

“He is a factional leader of an illegal Ohanaeze; the process that threw them up is faulty and anything built on a faulty foundation cannot stand no matter how beautiful the design is.

“We challenge Chief Iwuanyawny to show the world any section of Ohanaeze Constitution that provides for ‘selection or appointment of any official, let alone President-General’. Let him take up the challenge or stop parading himself as the factional President-General of Ohanaeze. In a sane clime, he ought to have been arrested by now and not the other way round.

“He has no moral right to call for the arrest of the youth leaders of Ohanaeze, having emerged from a flawed process. You cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stand.

“These are the same people who jettisoned the report by Archbishops and Bishops in Igboland on the roadmap towards resolving the crisis in Ohanaeze. It shows they have no respect for the religious leaders.

“It is even more ridiculous that he is asking media houses to obtain clearance from him before allowing others to air their views. This has exposed the kind of person he is and the bloated image he has about himself.”

The Igbo youth leader vowed that no form of blackmail or media trial would make him wage needless war against the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.