Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, the governor of Ekiti State, has reaffirmed his administration’s dedication to the well-being of workers and promotion of local contents.

This commitment, according to him, was to stimulate the state’s economy and enhance delivery of excellent services.

Speaking at the presentation of 38 official vehicles to Heads of Local Government Administration (HLAs) in the local government and local council development areas (LCDAs) of the state, Governor Oyebanji emphasized his decision to procure the vehicles from the Ekiti State Motor Dealers Association.

This choice, he said, was to make to ensure that the benefits of government are felt by everyone in his or her daily activities.

Represented by the Head of Service, Mr. Bamidele Agbede, the governor stated that the distribution of the vehicles was to assist the HLAs in their day-to-day tasks and enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Governor Oyebanji assured that his administration would continue to prioritize the welfare of workers and pensioners in the state.

He also expressed his government’s commitment to accelerating development at the grassroots level.

The governor commended chairmen of local governments and local council cevelopment areas for the various developmental projects accomplished within the first 200 days of his administration.

He urged them to ensure proper monitoring of these projects to ensure they were are executed according to specifications.

“I want assure you that this administration will continue to fulfill its obligations to workers. We are not going to renege on our promise as captured in our roadmap to keep Ekiti working. Today, these 38 official vehicles that will be handed over to Heads of Government Administration will, no doubt assist in performing the day-to-day activities in their respective local government areas and LCDAs, hence, increasing efficiency and productivity at the grassroots.

“One thing that is key in the purchase of these vehicles is that we have prioritized the local content in order to grow our economy. The vehicles that we are distributing today were purchased by Ekiti Motor Dealers. This is a demonstration of our commitment to ensuring that everybody feels the impact of government in our daily endeavors”. The governor said.

Mr. Oluwadare Jolumo, the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Local Government Affairs, expressed gratitude to the governor for fulfilling his promise to Ekiti workers.

He stated that the distribution of vehicles to the HLAs was a clear demonstration of the state government’s commitment to the welfare of local government officials.

Jolumo noted that the vehicles were provided by the Ekiti Motor Dealers Association, aligning with the local content policy of the Oyebanji-led administration.

During the brief ceremony held at the Fajuyi Mini Pavillion in Ado Ekiti, members of the Ekiti Car Dealers Association showed their support in large numbers.

They praised the government’s decision to source the vehicles through them, emphasizing that the gesture indicated the Oyebanji administration’s genuine interest in their progress.

According to the chairman of the Car Dealers Association, Alhaji Adeniyi Adekunle, the development was unprecedented in the state.

“Most times the government would go outside the state to buy vehicles. But this administration is patronizing us and we shall not disappoint them. We are encouraged and we shall continue to pay our taxes promptly”, he assured