Lagos Country Club Set for 20th Adewunmi Ademiluyi Tennis Foundation Tournament

The 20th edition of Prince Dr. Joseph Adewunmi Ademiluyi Tennis Foundation Tournament promises a spectacular showcase of young tennis talent, culminating in its grand finale on Saturday, April 20th, 2024, at the Lagos Country Club, Ikeja.

This year’s event marks the 20th consistent iteration of the tournament, a remarkable milestone marked by the discovery, nurturing, and establishment of tennis talents.

Over the years, the Prince Dr. Joseph Adewunmi Ademiluyi Tennis Foundation has not only honed athletic skills in young talent, but also instilled values of fair play, discipline, and sportsmanship.

During the press conference announcing the tennis competition, Prince Kanmi Ademiluyi, a representative of the Ademiluyi Tennis Foundation, reflected on the tournament’s commitment to moulding talents into potential stars over the years.

“Witnessing the transformation of these young athletes over the years has been a profound joy. Their growing prowess and passion for tennis are a true reflection of the foundation’s dedication to sporting and personal development,” he said.

In line with this spirit of development and community contribution, Adekunbi Ademiluyi, managing director of Human Manager Ltd., sponsors of the event, highlighted the organisation’s keen interest in fostering the development of young talents.

“We believe that by investing in the development of young people, we are investing in the future. The Prince Dr. Joseph Adewunmi Ademiluyi Tennis Foundation Tournament represents an ideal platform for this investment, allowing us to contribute to the growth of these young athletes. It is through initiatives like this that we can impart the values of discipline, excellence, and sportsmanship, which are essential for the advancement of our society,” she said.

Omon Ehighebolo, captain of the Lagos Country Club, characterised the clinic as “a pivotal initiative aimed at nurturing young talent from an early age and exposing them to global challenges. This year’s tournament will host competitions across the under-10, under-12, under-14, and under-16 categories.”

The tournament continues the enduring legacy of Prince Dr. Joseph Adewunmi Ademiluyi, whose life’s work has been to foster the growth of young talent and instill a sense of noble obligation and honour through the sport of tennis.

About Prince Dr. Joseph Adewunmi Ademiluyi Tennis Foundation (JAATF)
Founded in the enduring memory of Prince Dr. Joseph Adewunmi Ademiluyi, the Ademiluyi Tennis Foundation stands as a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the transformative power of sport.

Since its inception, the foundation has been dedicated to nurturing the talents of children under the age of 18, providing them with opportunities to develop their skills in a supportive and competitive environment.

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