Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway: FG’s Actions Deepening Poverty, Hunger — Obi

1st May, 2024

The presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 presidential election, Peter Obi, has observed with horror, the on-going demolition of businesses along the Lagos corridor of the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway, with its attendant job losses.

He expressed sadness that the demolition was being carried out at a time Nigerians were reeling under the yoke of poverty and hunger as a result of the poor policies and implementation by President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

Obi, who stated this in a series of tweets on his X handle yesterday, said: “Contrary to the dictates of reason and the necessity for compassion in the pursuit of public policy, the federal government has kicked off the controversial Lagos-Calabar coastal highway.

“The outcry against this project has been overwhelming because it contrasts with the prevailing situation in the country at this time.

“However, reports as of yesterday indicate that demolition of businesses and residences in the designated right of way for the project has commenced from the Lagos end.

“The sight of this insensitive demolition is, for me, heart-wrenching. As we watch this tragic theatre, livelihoods are being wiped away. Lifetime investments are being laid to waste while jobs are evaporating as the bulldozers roar. Habitations of the aged are being overturned by bulldozers of power.

“This hasty flag-off is in utter defiance of widespread outcry by the public especially business and property owners whose investments are directly affected by this project. No one knows the outcry that will herald this project as it progresses towards poor rural landscapes.

“Thousands of jobs are about to be wiped out while in one case investments above $200 million are about to be lost. Over 100,000 jobs in the leisure and hospitality sector face clear and instant extinction.”