Intl. Airlines to Adjust Exchange Rates for Tickets to N803/$1 from Today

International airlines in Nigeria have adjusted the exchange rate for selling tickets to Nigerians to N803/$1, according to reliable sources in the travel industry, IATA.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) informed stakeholders that the IATA exchange rate would change from N776.90/$1 to N803.90/$1.

They have advised ticket agencies to close out unfinished ticket sales by the close of business, Monday, to avoid a potential rise in ticket prices.

The adjustment was a response to the recent depreciation of the naira, as demand pressure exceeded supply of foreign exchange.

Nairametrics reported last week that the exchange rate depreciated to N803.9/$1 on the I&E window, reaching its weakest level to date. It seems that this is the rate currently adopted by the airlines.

However, a quick check on the FMDQ portal indicated4 that rates have slightly improved, closing at N795.28/$1. The NAFEX rate closed at N772.21/$1, suggesting that rates may change again in accordance with market realities.

Airlines began benchmarking ticket sales against the value of the exchange rate at the I&E window after the Central Bank revised guidelines for the operations of the forex market.

Meanwhile, the exchange rate on the parallel market depreciated to N820/$1 on Monday while peer-to-peer traders exchanged at about N818/$1.