Hospital Staff Assaulted After patient’s death in Kogi

A medical doctor simply identified as Dr Currency of the Federal Teaching Hospital in Lokoja, has disclosed that a group of men forcefully entered the premises and assaulted hospital staff on duty due to the death of a patient.

Sharing a clip and narrating the incident on his X handle #k_f2d on Tuesday, January 23, he wrote: “My team was called to the A&E to review a new patient. A group of men in kaftan broke through the gate and started demanding for the doctors on duty.

“Apparently, they lost a patient. And they came for the doctors. One of them, I learnt, is a political leader.

“I was looking at them, confused because I don’t even know the patient in question. Next thing I know, the leader stoned his phones at me. We were just three doctors there. We stood up from there and went inside.

“They broke into the room where we were, held me and my male colleague, almost tearing our shirts. I was too confused to speak. They were so many. We managed to break away from the A&E and left to another ward.

“These men started destroying things in the A&E, beating any worker they saw, nurses, doctors, security The CSO came at them with a gun, as they had become really violent.

“They wrestled the gun from the man, with several shots released during the struggle. The hospital gate was locked. We are currently hiding in different locations in the hospital. They have disarmed the security men in the hospital. I don’t feel safe

“I was able to record this in the midst of the chaos. This is happening at Federal Teaching Hospital, Lokoja. We are currently still in hiding.”

Source: X | k_f2d