Hardship: Pure Water May Be Sold for N100 Per Sachet — ATWAP

Cost of water production, unbearable cost: Table, sachet water producers close shop in Enugu

The Association of Table Water Producers (ATWAP) has revealed that the price of pure water may surge to N100 per sachet owing to the rising cost of production materials.

Addressing the media in Lagos, the group outlined the numerous challenges it was currently grappling with, including the exorbitant cost of diesel, power shortages, and escalating production expenses.

Expressing their predicament, the association emphasised that the prevailing price of water sale mirrored the economic conditions in the country.

A spokesperson for ATWAP said “At present, pure water is being retailed for N50, but there’s a likelihood of it reaching N100 per sachet. Unfortunately, we are constrained in our options as the production costs have skyrocketed.

“As of December last year, the cost of materials (nylon) was N1,100 per kilogram. Presently, the 6 kilograms of nylon is priced at N3,600/N3,700. The expenses for water treatment have also surged, with costs escalating three times within a week. Despite these challenges, raising the price of water is a formidable task for us.

“If everyday Nigerians find it challenging to afford pure water, it raises concerns about the overall situation. Every water producer is funding their pure water factory from personal funds or borrowed capital.

“Obtaining loans from many banks is a challenge for pure water producers. We appeal to Nigerians for understanding. Our intention is to prevent the price of water from exceeding N20 per sachet. The cumulative impact of production costs, including the high diesel prices, has significantly impacted our operations.”