Gabon Coup: Why I’m Happy –Fayose

A one-time governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has expressed happiness over the military coup in Gabon.

Fayose explained that the military coup would clear the path for a democratic system in Gabon.

On Wednesday, the military forcefully deposed President Ali Bongo, who was just re-elected for a third term in a disputed election.

Commenting on the development, Fayose, however, expressed his dislike for military incursion in politics.

Featuring on Channels Television’s Hard Copy on Friday, Fayose said: “I am very happy with what happened in Gabon. I don’t like military incursions in politics but I want to say to you that Nigeria is different; we have a reasonably stabilised democracy.

“We have our flaws, but you can see the uninterrupted democratic process. After four years, there will be an election. Nigeria has gone from one party to another party.

“One person to another person within a space of time. But in a country where one man is spending 30, 40 years, you have to boot him out of the place in whatever way.

“That’s different from the Nigerian setting.”