Food Vendor Accused of Cooking With Body Parts, Customer Discovered Baby Part in Food

A trader simply identified as Ebere raised an alarm following the strange discovery of a human private part in her food after she had patronised a food vendor inside the Alaba International Market.

According to Vanguard Newspaper, Ebere discovered the human body part which looked like that of a baby boy inside her soup.

After the discovery was made, the food vendor was apprehended by traders who accused her of cooking with human body parts.

However, the food vendor denied the allegations and insisted that she bought the meat from a meat seller who sold meat in the market.

As the drama unfolded and almost degenerated further, the leadership of the market intervened and urged the traders to calm down while they investigated the issue.

Vanguard Newspaper went on to report that the leadership of the market urged the traders to keep calm so as not to alert the meat seller of what was going on, so that they could apprehend him.

It was reported that the meat seller did not have a shop in the market because he moved around with the meat.