Reps Reject Proposed Increase in Electricity Tariff

The House of Representatives on Thursday, rejected the proposed tariff increase by the National Electricity Regulatory Commission.

The National Assembly took a firm stance against the proposed increase in the tariff.

The resolution was reached following a motion presented by a lawmaker, Aliyu Madaki.

Madaki expressed strong disapproval of the price hike, especially considering the recent increase in petrol prices that had already burdened many Nigerians.

Madaki emphasized that it was inappropriate and insensitive to introduce such a significant tariff increase at a time when citizens were still grappling with the impact of the petrol price surge.

In response to the motion, the House had mandated its committee on power, once constituted, to engage in discussions with NERC.

The aim was to seek a mutual understanding and find a middle ground to address the proposed tariff hike, considering the current economic challenges faced by the populace.