Custom Rakes in N47.24billion, Intercepts Tonnes of Shark’s Fins, Donkey Genitals

The Murtala Muhammed Airport (Cargo) Command of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has declared that it raked in a revenue of N47.24 billion between January and July 2023 while it also intercepted tonnes of dried Shark’s fins and male donkey genitals worth N1.23billion at the Lagos Airport.

These were made known on Thursday by the Customs Area Comptrollers, MMA, Compt. Muhammed Yusuf while speaking with journalists at the agency’s warehouse at the airport.

Speaking on the half year report, Yusuf said, “From the period of January – July 2023, Murtala Muhammed Airport Command generated a total of N47.24billion which represents 83.24% of target met. When compared to the same period in 2022 of N40.35billion a progressive difference of N6.9billion representing 17.14% increase.”

On the intercepted animal remains, the comptrollers said the items were on the verge of being exported out of the country to Hong Kong before they were stopped.

According to him, the male donkey genitals were harvested from Abakaliki, Ebonyi state, by a Chinese, saying donkey as endangered species which must be protected from going into extinction.

He said, “the Command made remarkable successes through coordinated anti-smuggling activities in synergy with other critical stakeholders which led to the seizure of six packages of suspected Dried Shark Fins with FOB Value of N221.8million and also 25 packages of suspected Dried Donkey Genitals with FOB value of N1.01billion making a total of N1.23billion.”

“We have over 1000 fishes whose fins have been harvested here and if this is allowed to go, high numbers of donkeys will be endangered and we will asked them to desist from this act.

“Animals in the sea have roles they played and endangering them will means a lot to the ecosystem and for us in NCS we make sure we do our jobs and things like this under export prohibition are not allowed to go.

He continued, “two culprits have been apprehended and investigation is ongoing to know where this things come from and I know that in Nigeria waters we don’t have enough sharks that are up to this. This is supposed to be exported out of the country and nabbed at the point of documentation. 1700 pieces of sharks are endangered and they are going to Hong Kong this is the first time we are seizing this in the command.

“Donkey are under endangered species and they came from Abakaliki and we begin to wonder why it came from there. We have a lot of donkeys in Abakaliki and now that they are endangered species. If these things continously go out you can imagine the roles they play in the ecosystem. As it is, the Chinese man has been arrested and investigation is ongoing.

“The suspects in connection with this illegal intended Export have been arrested and investigation is ongoing. These items were seized mainly because of various forms of infractions on Export guidelines and failure to comply with CITES Law on endangered species as enshrined in the Nigeria Customs Service Act.”

“Let me use this opportunity to appreciate my Officers and Men for their dedication to the Service. I urge them to always adhere strictly to the rules of engagements while discharging their statutory duties.”