Bill Gates excited for Nigerian Music Stars

Bill Gates expressed his daughter’s enthusiasm for his upcoming trip to Nigeria where she is excited to see popular Nigerian musicians, Burna Boy and Rema.

Gates, who made this statement during his opening speech at an event in Lagos State, had along with Aliko Dangote, visited President Bola Tinubu earlier in the week as part of the Gates Foundation’s dedication to collaborating with communities and leaders to foster innovation.

Gates revealed that his daughter, Phoebe, is delighted about his visit to Nigeria and the potential opportunity to meet Afrobeats artistes like Burna Boy and Rema.

“When my daughter Phoebe heard I was coming to Nigeria, she said, “You’re lucky because you get to see Burna Boy and Rema. So, I had to look them up…because I’m so ‘hip’. But I remember the last time I was here, I got to see Davido & Wizkid perform,” the philanthropist said.

Gates added that Nigeria was filled with creative minds adding that Afrobeats from Nigeria were popular everywhere.

“Of course, being here in Nigeria, I can’t help, but mention the amazing creativity that goes on here.

“Afrobeats from Nigeria are popular everywhere. When my daughter Phoebe heard I was coming to Nigeria, she said, ‘You’re lucky to go see Burna Boy and Rema,” he said.

He further recalled his last visit to Nigeria seeing Davido and Wizkid perform.

“But I also remember, the last time I was here, I did get to see Davido and Wizkid perform and I was quite impressed with that. So, my kids think I’ve come to a very hip place,” he said..