Ban on Export of Processed Wood, Charcoal, and Others Lifted – Nigeria Customs

The Nigeria Customs Service has issued a circular indicating that they have decided to conditionally lift the ban on exporting processed wood, charcoal, and related items. This circular, labelled as T&T/2023/CIRCULAR NO.8 and dated June 8, 2023, was signed by Assistant Comptroller-General of Customs, Musa MBA, on behalf of the Comptroller-General.

The service has officially confirmed that the administrative ban previously imposed on the export of processed wood, charcoal, and related products is now lifted with immediate effect.

The circular reads in part“I am directed to forward herewith copy of the Federal Ministry of Finance letter Ref: No.F.17545/T/9 dated 5th June 23 on the above subject-matter.“The letter which is self-explanatory confirms that the administrative ban placed on the export of processed wood, charcoal and other allied products is hereby lifted with immediate effect.“

However, threatened plants classified as endangered species (CITES listed), including Rosewood (Pterocarpus erina remains prohibited from being exported.“Consequent upon the foregoing, all requests for the Exportation of Processed Wood, Charcoal and other Allied Products, must be supported with a letter of approval obtained from the Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning.“

Furthermore, in addition to strict compliance with the provisions of the extant guidelines for non-oil export, you are directed to collaborate with the Forest Officers at the ports and borders for proper identification and prevention of exportation of prohibited wood products”