Accion MfB Encourages Investment in Youth Leadership

The Chief Executive Officer, Accion Microfinance Bank, Mr Taiwo Joda has expressed his commitment to youth empowerment with leadership skills.

A statement said he hosted the inaugural session of the ‘Leadership thoughts programme: A mind-shifting session with TJ’, as part of his comprehensive youth inclusion initiative.

The event, themed ‘Your leadership journey starts from here,’ held at the bank’s headquarters in Lagos.

The statement said the event marked a significant milestone in Accion MfB’s mission to equip young and aspiring entrepreneurs and young professionals with essential leadership insights, strategies for career advancement, and effective business development techniques.

Joda highlighted the event’s significance as a testament to Accion MfB’s vision of empowering lives and fostering leadership skills among the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“We believe that investing in such initiatives will lead to a more resilient and innovative business ecosystem,” he said.

The statement said Joda played an engaging role in guiding participants through a transformative experience, drawing on his extensive expertise and experiences.

He shared perspectives on leadership, offering practical advice to navigate the challenges of today’s dynamic professional and business landscape.

“Leadership is not confined to titles but is demonstrated through action and example,” he said.

He said continuous learning, adaptability, and innovative problem-solving were key components of effective leadership.

The discussion focused on cultivating habits that bred excellence in leadership, advocating for proactive approaches, fostering followership, effective communication, and efficient synergy.

Also speaking, the Head of Marketing Communications at Accion MfB, Adefisayo Akinsanya, underlined the importance of establishing a strong leadership brand for career progression and entrepreneurial pursuits.

“Building visibility for one’s leadership brand necessitates the definition of core values, consistent alignment with character and competence, showcasing expertise, strategic networking, and leveraging social media to amplify brand presence,” she said.