Abuja fuel tanker explosion

Gwagwa, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory, was rocked by an explosion on Friday night, following a fuel tanker crash. This incident stands in stark contrast to circulating rumors suggesting an aircraft crash in the neighboring Kubwa suburb of the FCT on the same evening.Authorities swiftly responded to the scene of the explosion, deploying first responders to manage the situation. Mr. Amiola Adebayo, the spokesperson for the FCT Fire Service, confirmed the incident during a telephone conversation with our correspondent.Adebayo clarified, “Contrary to reports, there was no plane crash in Kubwa. The explosion occurred due to a fuel tanker crash in Gwagwa tonight, and our personnel have been dispatched to the site.”A police source affirmed that the explosion was a consequence of a fuel tanker crash, further dispelling any notion of an aircraft-related incident.”It was not an aircraft crash but rather a fuel tanker crash that resulted in the explosion,” the source stated.When contacted, SP Josephine Adeh, the FCT Police Public Relations Officer, simply assured, “We are actively addressing the situation.”