38-Year-Old Businessman Assassinated in Ogun

In a tragic turn of events, the peaceful town of Ado-Odo in Ogun State was rattled Friday night as 38-year-old businessman, Shakiru Olufunmi, met a gruesome end, falling victim to an apparent assassination.

The chilling incident unfolded after 11:00pm in the Oke-Oyinbo area, also known as Olaiya, in Ado-Odo.

According to Prince Sulaimon Adedimeji, the family head of Oke-Waye Ile town, who spoke exclusively to our correspondent, Shakiru Olufunmi was shot at close range on the head as he left a gathering with friends.

What makes this tragedy particularly alarming was the audacity of the assailant, who didn’t make off with any valuables.

The money Shakiru intended to use for settling debts remained untouched inside his bag, and nothing was taken from his vehicle.

This has led the community to strongly suspect a premeditated assassination, rather than a random act of violence.

Describing the victim, Prince Sulaimon Adedimeji painted a picture of Shakiru Olufunmi as a complete gentleman, a socialite, philanthropist, and a respected businessman.

As a transporter dealing in the buying and selling of trees, he used his vehicle for both passenger transport and helping customers with their goods.

The community, thrown into a state of mourning, hasn’t officially reported the incident to the police as confusion prevailed among the residents.

Prince Sulaimon Adedimeji, who is also the Olori-ebi of Oke-Waye ruling house, revealed that Shakiru Olufunmi’s father, a man in his 80s, had currently resigned to the belief that “that is the way God wants it.”

The victim, survived by two wives and an undisclosed number of children, had been laid to rest according to Islamic rites.

Adedimeji expressed the community’s profound loss, emphasizing that the focus was on the tragedy itself, rather than material concerns.

Adedimeji narrated: ”I serve as the family head for Oke-waye Ile town in Ado-Odo.

“It’s a deeply sorrowful incident that occurred on Friday night. I received reliable information while I was away from Ado, prompting my urgent return upon learning the details.

“I discovered that Shakiru Olufunmi, an immediate junior brother and esteemed member of our community, was tragically assassinated after 11:00 pm that night.

“He had mentioned settling debts as he left a gathering, carrying money in his bag. Whether he completed the transaction remained unknown.

“The shooting took place near the Ogun State So-safe Corps office in Ado-Odo. Despite the proximity, the authorities initially misinterpreted the sound, assuming it was related to customs activities.

“The discovery of Shakiru’s lifeless body in his car marks an unprecedented event in Ado’s history, leaving us profoundly saddened.

“Shakiru, a well-respected man, was shot at close range in the head. Strikingly, the assailant did not take any valuables from the vehicle, leading us to suspect a targeted assassination..

“A devoted family man, socialite, philanthropist, and businessman, Shakiru operated as a transporter dealing in the trade of trees and assisting with passenger transport and goods carriage.

“This tragic incident unfolded in the Oke-Oyinbo (Olaiya) area of Ado-Odo, near the Olaiya Nursery School and Alamuwa Grammar School.

“Shakiru, married with two wives and children, was likely in his mid-thirties to early forties. The sudden loss has cast our entire community into mourning, especially given the absence of such violent events in the past.

“As of now, the community has not officially reported the incident to the police due to the confusion surrounding such tragic events.

“Despite being away when it happened, I returned promptly, spending three hours consoling Shakiru’s father and younger siblings. The elderly father, a Muslim, accepts the tragedy as the will of God, and there are no immediate plans for revenge rituals.

“Shakiru has been laid to rest according to Islamic rites. I couldn’t attend the burial due to cultural norms. As a sixty-year-old community leader and the Olori-ebi of Oke-Waye ruling house, I emphasize Shakiru’s active role in community development, especially in the selection and installation of the new Oba for the town. His proactive and positive contributions will be sorely missed.

“Regarding financial matters, there is no information on whether the money carried by Shakiru was counted. However, we believe that the significance of the lost life far outweighs any material concerns.”

Confirming the tragic incident, the Police Public Relations Officer, Omolola Odutola, issued a statement shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the assassination of Shakiru Olufunmi.

Odutola said “In the early hours of Friday, at approximately 01:55 hrs, unknown gunmen targeted Shakiru Olufunmi on a desolate road in Alamuwa.

She added that the absence of eyewitnesses compounded the challenge in unraveling the details of the assailant’s escape, as the sound of gunfire prompted residents to seek safety, leaving no one to provide a first-hand account.

She stated that Shakiru Olufunmi was discovered lifeless inside his Mazda car, having sustained fatal injuries from a gunshot to the left side of his mouth.

The Police Public Relations Officer emphasized the need for public cooperation in aiding the on-going investigation.

She said ”Alamuwa area of Ogun State where the unfortunate incident occurred is a lonely road, unknown gunmen shot dead one Shakiru Olufunmi at about 0155hrs on Friday.

“So, there was no eyewitness to specifically narrate the direction the assailant escaped from, because the sound of gun shot made people take cover for safety, it was later the victim was seen inside his Mazda car already shot on the left side of his mouth, leading to his death still on steering.”

Source: Platform Times