Tinubu praises Abiola, Rewane, and other democracy heroes on June 12.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu commended the late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola and other democracy heroes for their sacrifices in the June 12 presidential election. He urged Nigerians to continue making sacrifices, particularly in light of the subsidy withdrawal, to protect and uphold democracy. In a recent broadcast, President Tinubu emphasized that the June 12 election was a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s history, and he stressed that the memory of late figures such as Pa Alfred Rewane and Kudirat Abiola should not be forgotten.

He highlighted that the nation’s celebration of the seventh election cycle under democracy serves as a reason to maintain hope, and the funds saved from subsidy removal will be allocated to improving transportation, healthcare, education, infrastructure, and other essential services for the benefit of Nigerians. President Tinubu argued that the subsidy payments have only benefited a select few who have monopolized the nation’s wealth and emphasized the need to remove subsidy to prevent further harm to the country. He also noted that extending the retirement age of judges is part of broader measures to ensure justice and strengthen democracy. He urged those who have lost elections to pursue legal avenues for seeking redress and encouraged them to prepare for future electoral cycles.