Tinubu Inherited Poor Economy from Buhari – Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho, a Yoruba Nation activist, asserted that the former president, Muhammadu Buhari, bequeathed a struggling economy to President Bola Tinubu.

Speaking in Yoruba to his supporters in Oyo State, Igboho urged Yorubas to unite and rid the South-West of armed Fulani herders.

In a video circulating online on Friday, February 23, he stated, “Many people think Tinubu destroyed the government, Tinubu didn’t destroy the government.

“My frustration with Yorubas is that during Buhari’s tenure, I advocated for us to come together and liberate ourselves from this hardship. Buhari has nothing to offer us.

“I am dismayed that some Yoruba elders are now complaining, expressing hunger. Have you seen any Igbo complaining? They have expelled all Fulanis from their territories and are cultivating, utilizing their lands freely.

“Why can’t Yorubas unite and also drive them away from our ancestral land, so our elders can return to their farms?”