Godwin Emefiele

Puzzles Over Emefiele’s Role in Naira Scarcity

In the midst of the renewed Naira scarcity, the spotlight has once again turned to the name of Godwin Emefiele, the former CBN Governor, after a prominent newspaper in its story described the new development as the return of the Emefiele era.

The news headline was immediately attacked on twitter with netizens calling out The Punch for sidetracking the present managers of the CBN and linking the naria scarcity to Emefiele who is presently incarcerated in Kuje Prison.

The naira scarcity is despite a court ruling and the directive of the new administration declaring both old and new Naira notes introduced by Emefiele a year ago as legal tender.

However, netizens on X platform (formerly Twitter) are abuzz with discussions as to why the current naira scarcity is being linked to Emefiele despite being out of circulation for six months.

The enigma deepens as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) asserts that there is an ample supply of Naira within the country’s banks, contradicting the prevalent scarcity narrative. However, the public skepticism remains palpable, with citizens questioning whether Emefiele’s influence continues to linger over the financial affairs of the country.

by Gideon Ayeni