Popular Gospel Artiste, Bidemi Olaoba Apologises to White Garment Churches

4th May 2024

A renowned gospel artiste, Bidemi Olaoba, has apologised to white garment churches following a video that sparked controversy on social media platforms.

Olaoba, in an interview with Pastor Leke Adeboye during a TV live show tagged ‘Confession Box with PLA’, said he could never perform in a church where they used scents and burn incence.

According to him, the reason he would never accept to perform in any white garment church was because of the usage of candles, perfumes, and some other spiritual materials during prayers and services.

But in his apologies, Olaoba emphasised his belief in the universality of the gospel and expressed regret for any misunderstanding caused by his previous remarks.

Olaoba clarified that the church mentioned in the video was not a white garment church despite misconceptions.

He urged viewers to watch the full video on YouTube to grasp the context accurately.

Olaba said, “Whilst I urge you to search, watch, and analyse the full video on YouTube, please allow me to urge you to disregard such insinuation. The body of Christ is one and indissoluble to which I am a proud member.

“I have been commissioned by the author and finisher of my faith to be an instrument of praise that will bring the saint and the sinners to the presence of God for salvation. One Love, God bless you.”

Highlighting his connections with the Celestial Church of Christ, Olaoba stressed his respect for the body of Christ and acknowledged his performance at the Lully Concert, a significant event organised by the CCC.

“I have a lot of friends that are from the church. Three of my band members are from the Celestial Church of Christ. So, I have nothing against CCC because I believe that the body of Christ is one,” Olaoba affirmed.

Olaoba urged the public to disregard any insinuations of division within the body of Christ, reaffirming his commitment to serving as a vessel for praise and unity.

He said, “The church I was referring to when I was asked that question was not even a white garment church in the first place. And I didn’t mention white garments in the video. Please I like you to watch the full video to understand the full context. I was trying to avoid the name of that church and that was why I didn’t want to mention the name.

“That was why I qualified them with those things that I said in the video. So, I want to urge you to please go watch the full video on YouTube. So that you can understand it fully.

“I had ministered at the Lully Concert which happens to be a mega concert of CCC. I have a lot of friends that are from the church. Three of my band members are from the Celestial Church of Christ. So, I have nothing against CCC because I believe that the body of Christ is one as I said earlier.

“So, it’s not only Celestial Church that uses those things that I mentioned in the video. I did not even mention Celestial – that is the funny thing. So I don’t know why you know this narrative is going this way.”

Immediately after his interview went viral, stakeholders in the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide reacted and condemned his comment.

Also, some youths of the church asked members to unfollow the gospel musician on social media.

A Facebook page, CelestialFocus directed members to unfollow Olaoba.

The post on the page states: “If you belong to any white garments churches, please kindly unfollow Bidemi Olaoba.”

A commenter on the post identified as Itunuoluwa Olaotan, said, “Best decision. You have to choose between him and Celestial. For he has blasphemed and antagonised us.

“Only non-Celestials are against this opinion here. A real Celestial must unfollow him right now! Just to let him realise what he has done.”

Another post by Omobolaji Bibitayo Titus Akins, stated: “So no one here knows about the video trending with Adeboye son …. These people think we white garment are not Christians.”

In a post by GbengaLipede, he stated “Thanks for sharing the video. Now we know the origin of the issue and how to tackle it. Am I the only one who doesn’t feel comfortable bringing non-celestial singers to our programmes or harvest? From the onset, I didn’t buy the idea, I preferred promoting the singers who sing our hymns.”

Olaoba, while responding to a question on places he would never perform had earlier said, “There are many places I would not like to perform or minister. Such places have to do with turari and lofinda (meaning incense and scent or perfume). I wouldn’t want to go back to those places.

“And there are some places that when you get there you will know that ‘mo to wo leni’ (meaning I have entered into this already). There was a church we went to where the pastor was saying with boldness,’All you women in the church the day I allowed you to see my laps…laughter’. The church is in this Lagos.”