Police Warn Drivers Against Abducting Officers on Duty

June 7, 2024

The Police Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has warned drivers not to abduct policemen and other law enforcement officers while they are doing their jobs.

In a video via the Force X handle on Friday, June 7, Adejobi said: “Now, we want to speak on this recent development we’ve been experiencing where our police officers and other law enforcement agents— they sit in the vehicle for the purpose of taking it to their offices, but we notice that these drivers always abduct them.

“They zoom off with them. They take these officers away. It is wrong. It is very, very wrong. Let us avoid certain things because we need to manage a situation like this. Once you have been contravened, please comply with them, not only the police, but also other law enforcement agencies.

“We have seen cases where Federal Road Safety Corps officers contravene vehicles and drivers manhandle them. We’ve seen evident cases where state-owned traffic and road agencies contravene vehicles, and drivers beat them and/or take them away. This is not too good.

“Once you have violated traffic law and your vehicle has been contravened, you are to follow them. You are to comply. You are obliged to obey the instructions of these law enforcement officers.

“Don’t abduct our officers. Don’t take them away. Follow them wherever they are taking you, most especially their bases, units, and offices.

“And of course, if you notice you are not so comfortable with that, probably because they have gone beyond their boundaries and they have violated the standard operating procedures of their organisations, particularly operatives of the Nigeria Police Force, you have the number of all our (states) PROs.

“You have our social media platforms and handles at your fingertips. Reach out to us to complain, whatever the case may be.”

Source: X | PoliceNG