Pastor Tunde Bakare and the Igbo Threat to Yoruba

Bakare shocked Nigerians when he said he attended a meeting where the issue of Igbo in Yorubaland was discussed.

He opened his unguided lips to speak at the temple saying he was invited to discuss the threats from Igbo in Yorubaland.

First of all,is there a threat? If Bakare does not see threats in Yorubaland then he must be someone wo is educated but lacks WISDOM.

Does he know that the Igbo discuss Yoruba threats almost every month in their meetings?

My wife is Igbo. I know the Igbo discuss, organise and fund issues platforms, committees to discuss and find solutions to what they consider as threats to Igbo from Yoruba.

The Fulani do the same. The Hausa do the same. The Jews do the same. It is lack of wisdom to have an ethnic group that does not discuss present and future threats to their own people.

In the case of Igbo, religious organisations owned by Igbo also discuss threats from growing Yoruba churches and the influence of Yoruba pastors all over the world. Unknown to Bakare, the Igbo Pastors consider him as one of the growing threats because of his, though limited influence.

Bakare really embarrassed himself. I cannot imagine how a lawyer can be so stupid and shortsighted.

He portrays himself as irresponsibly unreliable and loose-mouthed. He did that for economic gains thinking he needed the Igbo population in his Church to sustain their financial contributions. To the enemies of Yoruba Nation,he is their hero but to Yoruba people, his own people, he is truly a traitor and a big time fool. He is a man without wisdom and a fact a big threat to the survival of Yoruba people.

There is no Igbo Pastor that would attend a meeting to discuss the interest of Igbo and he would go to the public to start discussing same issue.

Bakare is very shallow. His source of wealth should be investigated .
ANYWAY, why should anyone take Bakare serious, a relentless and shameful liar who even lied against God that God has told him he would succeed Mohammadu Buhari

Opinion: Bola Ayeyemi