Pan Yoruba group says Ibadan explosion act of terrorism

A Pan Yoruba group has described the explosion at Ibadan on Tuesday as a ‘conscious act of terrorism.’

The group dismissed Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde claims as fraudulent and driven by ‘political interests.’
In a statement on Wednesday, the Apapo O’odua Koya, (AOKOYA) said the pattern of the explosion, the form and the impact shows the high possibility of a bomb attack on the heart of Yoruba Nation.

The group said the explosion was a message to Yoruba people that terrorists and Jihadists are ready to invade Yorubaland and wreak havoc.

‘Every Yoruba town and village has been invaded by enemies form the North and from the oriental all with the same desire to conquer and destroy Yoruba land and our time tested civilisation’ AOKOYA said.

The group said the choice of Ibadan to the attackers is significant being the political headquarter of the Yoruba nation. AOKOYA said the attackers appeared to have deliberately chosen the anniversary of the 1966 military coup which led to the civil war to remind the Yoruba people that our land will be a battle ground in the imminent war of survival.

AOKOYA said the signs of war and conflict are written all over Nigeria but politicians want to fuel the assumption that there is orderliness and that their wealth and stolen privileges are not threatened.

The Pan Yoruba group said state sponsored intelligence reports are tailored to allay justified panic and to deceive the people that there is no threat to democracy describing it as ‘intelligence report for political convenience.’

The Yoruba self-determination group said President Bola Tinubu was to visit Ibadan in honour of Chief Bisi Akande when the explosives went off.

‘We are no fools. Those parroting the theory of a gas explosion are covering up the truth with blatant lies designed to serve political interests. There are no gas stations in the vicinity of the explosion. It is a lie’ AOKOYA said in a statement signed by Col Abimbola Sowunmi (rtd) and Ahmed Akorede.
AOKOYA said the other theory of explosion traced to miners is another dishonest plot to cover up the truth. ‘We know that explosives used for mining do not go off prompted by a third party. The explosives can also not go off at the same time. It is not possible that a miner will keep explosives at home to endanger his own life.’ Sowunmi and Akorede said terrorists have been emboldened by the shift of power to the south.

The group said unfortunately, those who inherited the power from Fulani do not know what to do with it while the President surrounds himself with empty-headed crooks who are totally detached from the Yoruba cultural and social formations leaving the President with no strong cultural roots among his own people and making him easy target by his stubborn enemies.

‘Attack on Ibadan is an act carried out by terrorists, were promoted and armed by the strong network of political and economic class who are in government and entrenched in the security system. Most of the public funds stolen are diverted to terrorists in pursuant of the final stage of the 1804 Jihad.’

It said Nigeria has reached the point of no return adding that only the attainment of O’odua Republic can save Yoruba people.
AOKOYA said the Yoruba are at a disadvantage with the political space taken over by profit seeking crooks who have no sense of history, corrupt and inept and whose primary focus is the primitive accumulation of wealth.

‘The option for the Yoruba is for the people to organise and defend themselves by all means necessary. There is no single hope in the current political dealers. They know war is coming and their preparation is to ensure they have their families abroad, steal enough for comfort, and remain in Nigeria with their passports nearby to flee at the earliest chance. The time is limited else, our land shall be invaded sooner than we imagine.’

The group urged Yoruba people at home and abroad to brace up for the war arch enemies are bent on imposing on the people. ‘We are a peace loving people that have seen war and peace for centuries. We cherish peace as against war but if war is imposed in Yoruba people, we shall fight with every pint of our blood and we are sure to win by the power of the creator of heaven and earth.