Our Plan to Revive Cocoa Production, Processing in Osun State – Adeleke

Just like the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo did for the old Western Region and in line with his administration’s commitment to develop the economy of Osun State using agriculture as one of the key sectors, Osun State governor, Ademola Adeleke, has expressed delight to unveil the Osun Cocoa Revival Agenda.

Recognizing Osun as one of the top three states in the community of cocoa producing states in Nigeria along with Ondo and Cross Rivers states, Adeleke said his government had a direct challenge and obligation to introduce new innovations that would help to revive the cocoa value chain and increase the productivity level of cocoa farmers while also paying strong attention to driving processing in the sector.

To revitalize agriculture in the state using cocoa as a focal produce and improve the economy of the state, he said “we have highlighted the following action plan among others for the revival of the sector in accordance with global best practice;

  • Assemble stakeholders to design an update revival plan;
  • Rehabilitation of the cocoa industry in Ede.
  • Encourage and support cocoa farming sub-sector through relevant policy formulation and programmes;
  • Encourage investment into the value chain through ease of doing business that will drive processing.
  • Setting up a domestic export terminal in Osun state to ease processing and access to international markets;
  • Partnering with the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) for easy transport of raw and processed by products to other region and subnational;
  • Upgrade local infrastructures for farming community e.g road, water provision, electricity etc.
  • Setting up a modified commodity boards to strengthen stakeholders’ finance;
  • Develop partnership with financial institutions to support the cocoa farming community;
  • Develop relationship with the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) for agric tech and innovations.
  • Invitation to the Cocoa Research Institute for partnership and collaboration engagement.”

In the coming months and years, he said”we will be implementing these action plans and reposition the cocoa sector to fully maximize the potential of the agricultural sector in Osun State.”