Ondo State Government call for investors

The Ondo State Government is inviting investors from around the world to capitalize on the state’s abundant human and natural resources and invest in its various sectors.

The government assured that it had created a business-friendly environment that could accommodate any legitimate business venture throughout the local government areas of the state.

The Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Engr. Razaq Obe, made this call while discussing the upcoming second Ondo Investment Summit, titled ‘Develop Ondo 2.0.’

The summit aimed to showcase the state’s potential and investment opportunities to the global community.

Obe emphasized that Ondo State held a unique position in Nigeria’s economic landscape due to its rich cultural heritage, natural resources, and strategic location.

The state had been committed to fostering an enabling environment for business growth.

It boasts of a skilled and reliable workforce, a growing infrastructure network, and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, making it an attractive destination for both local and foreign investors.

The summit serves as a turning point for Ondo State, presenting a wide range of investment opportunities in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, technology, renewable energy, and infrastructure development. Ondo State offers diverse sectors where investors can tap into untapped potential and contribute to the growth of the economy.

Ondo is also blessed with abundant natural resources, including arable land for agriculture, solid minerals, and a significant coastline for maritime activities and tourism. Potential investors are encouraged to explore these sectors, which hold immense opportunities for sustainable development, employment generation, and wealth creation.

The Director of Business Development and Investment at the Ondo State Development and Promotion Agency, Mr. Femi Akarakiri, highlighted that the state possesses resources that can rival Lagos economically.

The summit provides an opportunity to discuss and pave the way for a new Ondo State.