Offa Metropolitan Club Collaborates with Hospital on Healthcare in Kwara

The Offa Metropolitan Club (OMC) has entered into an operational agreement with Clina-Lancent Laboratories to enhance the functioning of the medical centre in Offa General Hospital, Kwara State.

The President of Offa Metropolitan Club, Mrs. Serah Alade, said that the OMC had donated the medical centre to Offa General Hospital with the aim of improving healthcare services in the community and its environs.

Mrs. Alade emphasized that healthcare services could not be solely provided by the government due to limited resources.
She advocated community stakeholders involvement in healthcare delivery, while urging the government to support such initiatives in order to provide quality healthcare to the people.

The establishment of the medical centre also aimed to discourage medical tourism, offering services such as laboratory tests, radiology units, CT scan machines, a theatre, x-ray facilities, and a maternity unit for mother and child, among others.

The Offa Metropolitan Club was founded in 2019 by members who share a passion for making a positive impact.

Mrs. Alade stated that the club was committed to promoting economic, social, and infrastructural development, not only within the community, but also beyond its boundaries.

Ensuring adequate and sustainable provision of accessible and high-quality healthcare is one of the club’s fundamental goals.

Dr. Olayemi Dawodu, the Managing Director of Clina-Lancent Laboratories, said that their laboratories would partner with the OMC to provide quality tests.

Dr. Abdulraheem Malik, the Executive Secretary of Kwara State Hospital Management Board, affirmed that the state government was collaborating with the OMC to make quality healthcare readily available to the people of the state.