Nigeria’s Economic Hardship: Pyrates Slam Tinubu, Political Class, Say Enough of Grandstanding

The National Association of Seadogs, Pyrates Confraternity, NAS/PC has waded into the economic crisis in Nigeria with a clarion call on President Bola Tinubu and the political class to stop further grandstanding and get to work to fix the economy, curb insecurity and tame food inflation.

The NAS Capoon, Mr Abiola Owoaje, in a press statement entitled: The Spectre of Hunger in Nigeria: Enough of the Grandstanding by the Political class’’ said the devastating effect of the economic policies of the Tinubu administration and the lack of vision of most of the state governors were responsible for the current hardship faced by Nigerians.

Owoaje, therefore, advocated for urgent taming of insecurity and sweeping agricultural reforms from the Federal Government and the various state governments to salvage the situation.

‘’However, we need to point out that the political class with President Tinubu at the apex needs to move swiftly to ameliorate the sufferings of Nigerians. This time calls for honest, pragmatic and responsible leadership from Nigeria’s political class in dousing tension over economic shocks being faced by several Nigerians.

‘’Democracy is about the people thus the expectation it would lead to improved lives for the people without hindrance. Section 14 (2) (b) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 declares that security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government. A government that cannot tame insecurity and which for the past few months has been unable to improve the lives of its citizens through its policies and programmes calls to question its capability both at the central and the sub-national levels to preside over the affairs of the citizens.

‘’Now is the time for President Tinubu to walk the talk. His promise to further boost food production through aggressive mechanisation should not just be empty talk. Nigerians expect him to pursue governance with the same vigour he deployed in the realisation of his presidential ambition.”

Owoaje expressed disappointments with state governors for being unable to improve the lives of their people with the increased revenue to the states between July 2023 and February 2024.

He, therefore, challenged the various state governments to shake off their complacency in public policy formulation and work for the people.